Breastfeeding at football

Alongside my campaign to ban the advertising of formula milk and provide the best possible nutritional information to parents, I am encouraging as many football clubs as possible to declare themselves breastfeeding friendly, following the decision of Ayr United FC to be the first football club in Scotland to declare itself breastfeeding friendly in November 2016.

I have written to 42 football clubs in Scotland and 96 football clubs in England and Wales to ask them to follow Ayr United’s lead and declare their grounds breastfeeding friendly. I have received several positive responses from many different clubs in Scotland. Click on the club crests below to find out if your team supports my campaign.

Breastfeeding friendly clubs

Clubs who are not signing up to breastfeeding friendly status

Heart of Midlothian FC

Clubs who have not replied to confirm that they are breastfeeding friendly