A Glasgow Central constituent has received a refund of £1,185 after contacting their local Member of Parliament.

The constituent is currently studying at the University of Glasgow and lives with their partner in Glasgow.

After the constituent’s partner had claimed asylum due to unsafe conditions in his home country, Libya, as well as the constituent being a full-time student, the family began to receive a Council Tax bill in January of this year.

Due to the constituent’s grant from Libya coming to an end in May, the family’s financial situation had reached a critical point.

As the constituent is residing in private accommodation, the Home Office deemed them ineligible for any further financial support.

The constituent was also asked to provide evidence that their partner was not receiving financial support from the Home Office, however had been struggling to get in contact with them.

In addition to the lack of income, the constituent was hit with a council tax bill of a whopping £3,016.56.

Due to the issues being faced by these financial complications, the constituent contacted the office of Alison Thewliss, the Member of Parliament for Glasgow Central, to see what support could be offered.

The Glasgow Central MP’s team were able to contact Glasgow City Council on this matter to discuss the situation that the constituent was in.

Following regular dialogue with GCC, it was confirmed that the constituent would be eligible for the student exemption.

As the constituent was eligible for this exemption, they were able to have their Council Tax bill reduced by £1,185.

Commenting, the constituent said:

“It is such a relief to be able to see my Council Tax going down by such a big amount. These past few months have been a real worry for my family and to have this bill reduced will make a huge difference to our lives.

“This student exemption is such a crucial thing to have until the end of September and has lifted a huge weight off my family’s shoulders.

“When I contacted the office of Alison Thewliss, I really was at my wits’ end. I didn’t know what to do and where to turn and felt that by contacting my MP, they could help the difficult situation that I was in.

“After contacting Alison, her team were so welcoming and helpful throughout all of this, and I can’t thank them enough for the support.

“If anyone finds themselves in a difficult position such as mine, I urge them to contact Alison’s office as their support has really made a huge difference to my family’s life.”

Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:

“Over the past few months, my constituent has been so patient throughout what must have been a distressing time for them and their family.

“My team were able to contact Glasgow City Council to gain an understanding of the issues that were being faced by the constituent and what could be done to provide further support. 

“I want to give a thanks to Glasgow City Council for their continuous dialogue throughout this case and their understanding of the difficulties being faced by the constituent.

“If any Glasgow Central constituents are in need of support, please do not hesitate to contact my office via email:, or via phone call: 0141 552 7117. My team are always more than happy to help with a range of issues and urge any constituent to contact my team.”

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