Davidson urged to be a “strong opposition” to Tories’ rape clause and two child policy

Scots Tory Leader, Ruth Davidson, has been challenged to put up a “strong opposition” to her own party’s draconian welfare reforms at Westminster.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss has written to Ruth Davidson following her party’s Holyrood election boost, saying that it’s ‘time to stand up for vulnerable women and families’ by opposing the UK Tories proposed rape clause and two child policy.

Commenting, Ms Thewliss said:

“The Scottish Conservative Party spent much of the recent election campaigning under a banner of being a “strong opposition” for Scotland.  I welcome scrutiny and constructive opposition, but Ruth Davidson needs to realise that being a strong opposition doesn’t extend just to Holyrood.

“If Ruth Davidson is serious about being an effective party leader, she can’t just be the UK Tory party’s ambassador for promoting inherently unfair policies in Scotland. Ms Davidson’s party is still absolutely hell bent on ramming through vile and draconian welfare policies, and it just underlines my view that they’re still the nasty party.

“Ruth Davidson has the opportunity to not only be a strong opposition, but to locate her moral compass, say no to penalising families and say no to demanding vulnerable women relive the trauma of being raped simply to claim tax credits.”

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