MP condemns plan to close Bridgeton JobCentre

Bridgeton’s MP has condemned Tory plans to shut Bridgeton Jobcentre, as well as seven other offices in the city – leading to a 50% cut in the city’s Jobcentre network.

Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:

“The DWP’s proposals to half the number of Jobcentres in Glasgow is astonishing and I am very concerned about the impact these cuts will have on a city that already has many challenges around unemployment and ill health.

“The planned closures will cause serious problems for people who need to travel to other Jobcentres for appointments which will further squeeze already meagre budgets. Some people in my constituency will now need to take two buses to get to their nearest Jobcentre – adding to the risk that they might be late for an appointment and end up being sanctioned.

“As well as the severe impact these closures will have on members of the public who need to attend a Jobcentre, these closures will mean huge amounts of extra work for staff at other centres and we don’t know what the DWP’s plan is for coping with this.

“Along with my SNP colleagues at Westminster, I will be pressing the DWP for more information on these closures and we will work hard to fight these closures tooth and nail.”

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