Response to Formula Marketing Bill consultation published

A Member of Parliament seeking to tighten up the law around advertising of formula milk has published the results of a recent consultation on her proposed Feeding Products for Babies & Children (Advertising & Promotion) Bill.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss was given unanimous approval by MPs in November to press ahead and draft a new law which would curtail the “excessive marketing techniques” employed by the formula industry.

The Glasgow MP’s consultation ran from 5th December 2016 until 9th January 2017. She received 332 consultation responses, including from health professionals, parents and the representatives of the formula industry itself.

Commenting after publishing the consultation response document, Ms Thewliss said:

“I am incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to submit their thoughts and ideas around my proposed Bill. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the immense expertise and passion coming through in all of the responses. These have been invaluable in forming my thoughts on what to include in the Bill itself.

“Understandably there have been a great many suggestions to include certain policies in the Bill, not all of which can be included in this particular piece of legislation. I want to make explicitly clear that this Bill is about making sure parents are equipped with impartial, trusted information to make informed choices about how and what they feed their children.

“Tomorrow I will be meeting with parliamentary draftsmen to start writing the Bill, which will be published shortly.

“I look forward to publishing the Bill and seeking the Government’s support in the next few weeks.”

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  1. Brilliant work Alison. Thanks for taking such a firm stance on this, its something that needs to be shown to be important.


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