The SNP has accused the UK government of “all talk no action” over the spiralling Tory cost-of-living crisis, with new research revealing that people face another hit to their pockets with continued higher food bills this year.
Analysis by Kantar found that grocery prices were 5.9% higher this month than a year ago – the biggest rise since December 2011 – and that the average food bill could increase by £271 this year.
It follows recent figures this month that highlighted that prices are increasing at their fastest rate in decades with inflation rising to 7% – a staggering 30-year high.
It comes after the scandal-hit Boris Johnson urged his Cabinet today to promote the UK government’s inadequate measures and to look at ways to tackle the crisis – despite ignoring the SNP’s repeated calls for an Emergency Budget to deliver real support to struggling households.
Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow Chancellor Alison Thewliss MP said:
“The Tory government is too engulfed in scandal to get on with the day job of tackling the cost-of-living crisis spiralling out of control under its watch.
“With new research revealing that people face yet another hit with the average food bill potentially increasing by a staggering £271 this year, families need action not more hot air from this out of touch Tory government.
“The reality is that the Prime Minister’s remarks are all talk and no action.
“The SNP has been consistently clear that the UK government must deliver an Emergency Budget that finally puts money into people’s pockets.
“That Emergency Budget must include at the very minimum converting the £200 energy loan into a more generous grant, scrapping the National Insurance tax hike, reversing the £1040 cuts to Universal Credit, matching the Scottish Child Payment UK-wide, introducing a Real Living Wage to boost incomes, reducing or removing VAT on household energy bills, and following the Scottish Government’s 6% uprating of benefits.
“On 5th May, people in Scotland can send a message to Boris Johnson and prioritise action to tackle the cost of living by voting SNP in the local elections.”

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